Pixel Hours is a curated visual bookmarks collection for designers & developers. 

What is Pixel Hours?
Pixel hours is a collection of bookmarks curated from the best of the web. Including news, articles, videos, tutorials, resources, inspiration and other things related to topics that matters to designers and developers of web/mobile products.

Why does it matter?
As designers, we learn most of the new stuff from other selfless soul’s who share their knowledge free to all – through blogs and other medium. So gathering all those things together in a single place as a reference library will help someone who is trying hard to know more about design and striving to be better with their craft.

As Pixel Hours just started off, there are very limited bookmarks available. But I promise you, the list is going to grow – do keep coming back and show your love by sharing it with others.

Can I share links to Pixel Hours?
My thoughts exactly! You can also help build Pixel Hours the best bookmark collection for designers & developers. Let’s get together in building a better web.

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Who runs this?

Pixel hours is created, curated and maintained by ZAM. Being a designer himself, he loves collecting interesting and inspirational resources., and has been working on bringing Pixel Hours from thought to life since a long time.

More questions or feedback?
Suggestions or feedbacks are always welcome. To send your thoughts, please click here.
Thanks for your support.

Social media?
Very much, follow Pixel Hours for the latest updates: