Designing for color blind users (in Sketch, Photoshop and Web)

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Designing for color blind users is not something that designers often consider except when an actual requirement arises. The organization Colour Blind Awareness says approximately 8% of men and 1 in 200 women are color blind, unable to fully see red, green or blue light. So the topic needs more attention than it is actually given while you design products for digital devices.

This article shares some of the tools/options you can use in order to design for users with color blindness while designing with Photoshop or Sketch. Photoshop has inbuilt proof setup option or you can try Bjango action. Sketch doesn’t have any native solution as of now, but Color Oracle is a great option.

Finally ColorScope.js a bookmarklet for the web by Jason Frame which also helps the purpose of improving accessibility in your designs.