Impact of Colors on Users

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Colors does impact the emotional part of design, but does that affect the perception about a brand too?

If you are researching more about how colors make the difference in your designs, this article could be a good one to start with. In this article, David Mannheim explains with various examples and citations about the importance of color. Explaining with great examples on how the choice of colors can largely affect the perception about a brand or differentiate between converting or not converting a user etc.

Examples like Google’s search for the perfect blue color by testing with 40 different shades, the significance of the color pink in UK, the colors used by popular brands like KFC, Mc Donalds, Burger King, Lamborghini, Prada, Versace etc. Are amazingly put down explaining the influence of color. Further more he explains about consultants who are known as ‘colorists’, what and how their job is distinct from others.

With all these plus many more, this article gives a great insight into the importance of color.

“Color influences both human behaviour and human psychology. Even though differences remain, there are values that transcend national frontiers”

– Thomas Madden, Kelly Hewitt and Martin Roth, Marketing