Popular Device Templates

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With the release of iOS 9 GUI templates, Facebook had given hints of providing more design resources for the community to design and develop awesome products. So here is the first instalment of the design resources targeted towards the multi platform development community.

As of the time of writing this post, templates of different phones, watches, tablets and even TV are available (the list might keep on growing). iPhone 6S, Galaxy Note 5, Lumia 950, Nokia 220, Nexus 6P, Nokia Asha 230, Nexus 5X, Moto E, Apple Watch, Sony Smartwatch, Moto 360, iMac, iMac Retina, Sony W850, Dell UltraSharp, Apple Thunderbolt display etc., are to name a few. Each set includes an image of the device, with and without shadow along with the Sketch version of the same.

Sorry Photoshop enthusiasts, you’ll have to live with the PNGs for now.