UX Project Checklist

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The UX Project Checklist includes almost all the items that you need to keep an eye on while doing UX projects. The list includes items or checklist for multiple stages like Research, Plan, Explore, Communicate, Create etc. Included in each stages are list of checklist like:
Competitive Analysis, Data Analysis, User Feedback, User Stories, User Flows, Red Routes, Brainstorm/Sketch, Wireframe, Prototypes, IA, Language, Accessibility, UI Elements, Gestures, Responsiveness, Waiting Time, Errors, Completed Actions, Finalise Layout, Use of Image and Icons, Fonts & Colors Hierarchy, Micro Copy, Micro Interactions, Transitions, KPI Setup, AB Test Plan, Testing.

With all these collected together as a checklist, this one proves to be a perfect guide to be counted along for helping you create a great User Experience for the products you build.