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Digital product design industry has seen a tremendous growth in past few years. Product makers have been presented with advanced tools for building their products. Many new UX tools also have been introduced, changing the way products are built. Bohemian Coding introduced Sketch which now has a really huge user base, mainly UI designers who shifted from Photoshop. Along with Sketch there are many other tools like Invision, Marvel App, Atomic, Framer etc., evolving everyday with new features.

So out of all the tools, which one is right for your requirements? What are the features available in each of these tools?
With more than 20 different tools for Prototyping alone, it has become really hard to compare and find out which one plays better.

To help you with that, here is UX Tools by Taylor Palmer. UX Tools lists out all the latest prototyping, collaboration and usability testing tools in a comparison table with respective features. So that its easier for you to make the decision about the tool and focus on making great products.